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IER Revolutionizes Equine Identification with Advanced Microchip System and Exclusive AAHA Integration

The International Equine Registry (IER) proudly announces a groundbreaking advancement in equine identification and management. As equine registries increasingly mandate microchipping for new registrations, IER distinguishes itself by integrating our state-of-the-art microchip identification system with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the premier national microchip search tool serving both Canada and the USA. This strategic partnership ensures unmatched accessibility and visibility for equine identification, setting IER apart in the realm of equine registries.

Unparalleled Access with AAHA

IER's exclusive collaboration with AAHA, a leading authority in animal health and welfare, provides instant, reliable identification of registered horses across North America. Unlike other equine registries, whose microchips might not be visible in national searches, every horse registered with IER is easily identifiable through AAHA's extensive database. This integration allows anyone to verify a horse's registered owner by searching either the microchip number or the horse's name in our comprehensive system.

Why IER's Microchip System is the Future of Equine Management

  • Exclusive AAHA Integration: Direct access to AAHA's national microchip search tool, covering both Canada and the USA.

  • Comprehensive and Accessible Database: Unique ability to search by microchip number or horse name for immediate ownership verification.

  • Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind: Our secure, tamper-proof identification system offers unparalleled protection against theft, loss, and misidentification.

  • Streamlined Management for Owners and Professionals: Simplify ownership transfers, health records management, and eligibility verification for competitions and breeding programs.

Leading the Change in Equine Management

With the shift towards mandatory microchipping in the equine industry, IER is at the forefront, offering a system that not only meets these new standards but also provides advanced capabilities. Our partnership with AAHA ensures that IER-registered horses are part of a system that values accessibility, transparency, and reliability.

Our Dedication to Equine Welfare

IER’s adoption of this advanced microchip identification system reflects our deep commitment to equine welfare. Accurate and easily accessible identification is vital in emergencies, breeding programs, and health management. Our system ensures that each horse's identity and medical history are readily accessible, significantly contributing to their safety and well-being.

Join the IER Community

We invite equine professionals, breeders, and owners to join IER and take advantage of the most sophisticated equine identification system available. Registering with IER not only provides the security of our advanced microchip system but also integrates your horse into a network renowned for the highest standards of equine care and management.

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