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Becoming IER'S Microchip Implanters

Benefits of Becoming an Equine Microchip Implanter for IER

  1. Professional Expansion and Diversification: By adding equine microchipping to your list of services, you open your business to a whole new market segment. This can attract new clientele seeking microchipping services for their equines and thus increase the breadth of your business offerings.

  2. Association with a Reputable Entity: The International Equine Registry (IER) is recognized for its commitment to equine data management and integrations. Being an implanter for IER lends credibility to your business and can increase trust among prospective clients.

  3. Increased Revenue Streams: With the increasing emphasis on equine identification for both security and regulatory purposes, there's a growing demand for microchipping services. Offering these services can result in a significant increase in revenue for your business.

  4. Stay Updated with the Latest Technology: IER's integration with renowned databases like AAHA and Europetnet ensures that you will be working with the latest technology and protocols in equine microchipping. This can enhance your skill set and knowledge base, making your services more comprehensive.

  5. Contribute to Equine Welfare and Safety: Microchipping provides a permanent method of identification, which is crucial for theft prevention, recovery of lost animals, and ensuring equines are treated humanely in various settings (like competitions or auctions). By becoming an implanter, you contribute directly to the welfare and safety of equines.

  6. Networking Opportunities: Associating with IER can present opportunities to network with other professionals in the equine industry, from breeders to trainers, veterinarians to event organizers. These connections can prove invaluable for business growth and collaborations.

  7. Continuing Education and Training: IER may offer training programs, seminars, or workshops related to microchipping and equine data management. These programs can further enhance your skills and keep you updated on best practices in the industry.

  8. Enhance Client Relationship: By offering a service that safeguards their equine's identity and security, you're showing your commitment to their animals' well-being. This can strengthen the bond and trust between you and your clients.

In conclusion, becoming an equine microchip implanter for IER is not just an expansion of services but a forward-looking business decision that can enhance reputation, revenue, skills, and the overall impact in the equine community.


If you want to register with us as a microchip implanter please fill out this form and we will contact you.

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