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BLM Horses

International Equine Registry is the leading provider of equine microchip identification and registration services for BLM horses. Our advanced equine microchip database registration system enables horse owners to protect and monitor their horses efficiently and accurately. With more than a decade of experience, we have been serving the equine community with top quality and reliable services. If you're a responsible equine owner who wants to provide your horse with the ultimate protection, register with us today.

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is dedicated to the protection and management of wild horses and burros. As part of this commitment, BLM horses are identified using microchips and unique freeze brands. Here's how you can enhance the traceability and safety of your BLM horse:

🔹 **Microchipping & Freeze Branding**: All BLM horses come with a microchip and a distinct freeze brand for identification purposes.

🔹 **International Equine Registry (IER)**:IER registers both the microchips and the deciphered numbers from the freeze brands. By doing so, they make owner information accessible 24/7, ensuring that if a BLM horse is ever separated from its owner, it can be quickly identified and returned.

🔹 **Why Register with IER?**: While the microchip details of BLM horses are stored with the USDA, this doesn't automatically make the microchip searchable in a general database. Registering with IER bridges this gap, offering a comprehensive solution for horse identification and owner traceability.

🔹 **Taking Action**: If you own a BLM horse, take the proactive step of registering its microchip and freeze brand with IER. It's a simple process that provides immense peace of mind.

🔹 **Spread the Word**: Let other BLM horse owners and enthusiasts know about this opportunity. The more registrations we have, the safer and more traceable our BLM horses become.


Prioritize the safety and well-being of your BLM horse. Register with the International Equine Registry today and ensure round-the-clock accessibility to owner information! #BLMHorseSafety #IERegistration #AlwaysFindTheirWayHome


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