Canadian RFID Microchip
  • Identification and Registration: RFID microchips provide a unique and permanent method of identifying individual horses. Each microchip contains a unique code that can be registered in a database along with the horse's details, such as breed, age, health records, and owner information.
  • Health and Veterinary Care: Microchips help veterinarians easily access the medical history of a horse during visits or emergencies. This is crucial for effective treatment and management of health issues.
  • Theft Prevention and Recovery: Microchipped horses are easier to recover if stolen. The microchip provides undeniable proof of identity, making it difficult for thieves to sell the horse without detection.
  • Sport and Competition Compliance: Many equestrian sports and competitions in Canada require horses to be microchipped. This helps in managing competition entries and ensures that the right horse competes in accordance with its registration details.
  • Travel and Export: For horses that travel across provincial or national borders, microchips provide a form of identification that complies with international standards. This is particularly important for breeders and owners involved in the global equine market.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Some provinces or equine associations may require microchipping as part of their regulatory framework to promote responsible ownership and accurate tracking of equine populations.

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