Benefits of Becoming an Equine Microchip Implanter for IER

Professional Expansion and Diversification: 

Adding equine microchipping to your services opens your business to a whole new crowd. You'll draw in folks looking for microchipping for their horses, expanding your business offerings.

Association with a Reputable Entity: 

The International Equine Registry (IER) is well-known for its dedication to horse data management. Working as an implanter for IER boosts your business's credibility and trust amongst potential clients.

Increased Revenue Streams: 

With more folks needing horse identification for security and regulatory needs, there's a rising demand for microchipping services. Offering these services can bump up your revenue quite a bit.

Stay Updated with the Latest Technology:

 Partnering with IER means you'll be using the latest tech and following the top protocols in equine microchipping. This keeps your skills sharp and your service top-notch.

Contribute to Equine Welfare and Safety: 

Microchipping provides a permanent way to ID horses, which is key for preventing theft, recovering lost animals, and ensuring they're treated right, whether at shows or auctions. By becoming an implanter, you're directly helping keep horses safe and well.

Networking Opportunities: 

Working with IER gives you a chance to meet other folks in the horse world, from breeders and trainers to vets and event organizers. These connections can be mighty helpful for growing your business and finding new ways to collaborate.

Continuing Education and Training: 

IER might offer training programs or workshops on microchipping and managing horse data. These can boost your skills and keep you in the know on the best practices in the field.

Enhance Client Relationships: 

By offering a service that protects their horse's identity and safety, you're showing your commitment to the care of their animals. This can strengthen the trust and bond between you and your clients.

All in all, becoming an equine microchip implanter for IER isn't just about adding to your services—it's a smart business move that can enhance your reputation, boost your income, and make a real difference in the horse community.